Mental Health Month Spotlight: Sherene Aun with Winds of Change

We are at the end of the road for celebrating #MentalHealthMonth for the month of May, but nowhere near done celebrating Montana’s behavioral health workers. These unsung heroes are the glue that help to keep our communities together. Without caring, compassionate and trained professionals, our state would look a lot different.

Today we’d like to highlight Sherene Aun, with Winds of Change. Sherene is a Case Manager whose parents influenced her decision to pursue a career in social work.

Here, read a few words from Sherene Aun:

“I am a Navy Veteran, graduate student and most importantly a Mom. I grew up in the Appalachian Mountain range in northern New Jersey where I fell in love with nature. This love ultimately inspired my move to Missoula, after just my first visit.

I was raised by a pharmaceutical scientist and a journalist who drove home the importance of social justice, equality and equity, all of which contributed to my decision to become a social worker. I have traveled the world and have experienced and learned from several different cultures which contributes to the diversity of clients I can work with – and better understand – as a social worker.

My experience in the military taught me structure, persistence, adaptability and most importantly humility and resilience. I try to keep myself in a constant state of learning to be able to grow and better serve my client base. My driving force is social justice and giving a voice to those who need it.”

Sherene is Case Manager with Winds of Change in Missoula, MT. Download a PDF of Sherene’s spotlight here. Once downloaded, feel free to share this PDF with your channels and your network.