We are determined to ensure health equity with adequate  resources to support quality services for all Montana citizens.

We are innovative and open to new ideas to ensure quality of services.

We believe inclusiveness of all expands access to services.

We believe that our integrity requires transparency and stewardship of resources.

We are performance driven with an over-arching goal of ensuring the dignity and well-being of the people we serve

We believe that as a strong Alliance, we can have the greatest impact.

BHAM Provides

BHAM provides

Advocacy – lead and coordinate public policy direction related to behavioral health services

Communication – provide timely information so that members will be informed of changes in policy, policy direction, and new opportunities for business as well as be a repository for clinical, business, and other best practices

Coordination – coordinate with other stakeholders in healthcare on advocacy and service delivery (primary care, criminal justice, law enforcement, child welfare, prevention)

Networking Opportunities – provide opportunities for BHAM members to connect with each other and other stakeholders, share valuable tools and practices, and build a voice for mental health and addiction services



Quality behavioral health education, prevention, treatment, recovery support and related services are available and accessible to people, families, and communities in need.

BHAM’s mission is

to achieve the vision with effective advocacy and support of service providers.