Mental Health Month Spotlight: Hannah Boehmann with Sunrise Children’s Home

We are nearing the end of the month of May, and our ongoing celebration of Montana’s behavioral health workers. But first, we’d like to shine the light on Hannah B., with Missoula’s Sunrise Children’s Home. Hannah is a Primary Counselor whose own upbringing strongly influenced her career path.

Here, read a few words from Hannah Boehmann:

“I was homeschooled from ages 5-9. Upon entering public school in 3rd grade, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. The struggles in my schooling helped me acknowledge my weaknesses and own my strengths. They gave me passion to find balance, new angles and acknowledge the needs of individuals, not just the majority.

It doesn’t take academic smarts to care for another human. As a care provider I recognize that empathy, creativity, communication, vulnerability, and hard work are skills, talents and even intelligence. I believe that children grow when they see that those who care for them are willing to grow as well. We teach our kids regulation skills, and exploration while setting a stable example as healthy adult caregivers.

I do what I do because exploration, regulation and relationship are also core values for me and the only way I see our world growing toward health. I faced tensions through my educational development but it developed a character that is versatile and comes at the world truly convinced there are no secondary persons.”

Hannah is Primary Counselor with Missoula’s Sunrise Children’s Home in Missoula, MT
Download a PDF of Hannah’s spotlight here. Feel free to download and share this PDF with your channels.