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Working towards a healthy future for Montana’s communities


Quality behavioral health education, prevention, treatment, recovery support and related services are available and accessible to people, families, and communities in need.


Public Policy Advocacy + Informed Communication + Stakeholder Coordination + Member Networking Opportunities


We are determined to ensure health equity with adequate resources to support quality services for all Montana citizens. As a strong Alliance, we can have the greatest impact.

Reality Check: The Cost of Living for Medicaid Beneficiaries in Montana

Medicaid is the primary source of health care for people living with mental illness and a growing resource for people living with addiction.


Montanans live at or below the federal poverty level


According to the federal government, poverty is a single person earning $12,060 or less per year.


A no-frills budget, excluding health care costs, for an individual in Billings is $22,628

1 in 5

Uninsured adults with an opioid addiction have a serious mental illness

Why You Should Join The Alliance

Now, more than ever, is the time for all addiction, mental health, and tribal behavioral health organizations to unite as providers and reinforce behavioral health as a foundational component in the state’s health care system.

Montana’s behavioral health providers have always competed for scarce resources and have often not been aware of key policy and regulatory opportunities. You have faced economic, regulatory, and workforce challenges in a rapidly evolving health care environment, and more challenges exist providing services to a group of people who are among the most vulnerable. At the same time, you have had few opportunities to meet, learn from each other, and collaborate on programs, health system reforms, strategic planning, or policy and advocacy. The Alliance seeks to unite, support and advocate for all you. Our organization is harnessing the strength, creativity and resiliency of our members.