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June 2024 Update from BHAM

Summer is upon us … well, mostly. But as I type this, schools around our state are wrapping up their years, the overnight frost warnings are becoming increasingly rare, and many have their gardens in the ground. Now we sit back and enjoy the 30 minutes before we all start complaining about the heat! And we cross our fingers that the impacts of fire and smoke are minimal.

Changes are also ahead for BHAM with new leadership on the horizon. We are feeling very positive and reinvigorated about the work we all do, and are ready to tackle the big things required to make our state better for every Montanan.

Behavioral Health System for Future Generations Commission (872 Commission):

The next meeting will be Friday, June 28th in Helena. At their April meeting, they outlined a number of recommendations from DPHHS. You can see the recommendations HERE 

If you are interested in submitting comments to the commission for the last meeting, please send them here:

Children’s and Families Health and Human Services Interim Committee:

The CFHHS Interim Committee will continue to tackle reform of the Children and Families Services Division. You can sign up for virtual testimony and see the agendas here:   

Meeting Information – Montana State Legislature (

Here is the schedule of meetings for the next year: 

July 17 & 18, 2024
September 11, 2024

Interim Budget Committee:

The Interim Budget Committee, Part B, which oversees The Department of Public Health and Human Services will be meeting on June 20th in Helena. No agenda is posted yet. You can view additional information here once it’s posted:

Please reach out to me if there is anything you need. When we work together, we can solve all the problems out there!

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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