May is Mental Health Month

Did you know that May has been Mental Health Month in the United States since 1949? Across the country this time of year is used to recognize the powers and importance of mental health. A quick scan of every social media site will reveal lots of conversations happening around the #MentalHealthMonth hashtag. But as we all know, a few clicks and shares during a pre-determined month will not solve the issues we face every day in our communities. Still, any chance we can get to raise some awareness around the topic, we will take.

On our own platforms this month we are highlighting a few of the behavioral health workers in our community with designed web headers for our site, Facebook headers and posts, Instagram posts, downloadable PDF’s with stories, and by generally being a bit more active with regard to promotion around the hashtag. We would love it if you would join us in raising your voice, and that of your organization, as we call awareness to our challenges, together.

Many thanks are in order for Jacob Henderson with AWARE, Danielle Dodge with Missoula Sunrise Children’s Home, Hannah Boehmann with Missoula Sunrise Children’s Home, Sherene Aun with Winds Of Change and Salina Lee with Winds Of Change for being willing to take part in this campaign … and for the work they all do every month of the year, whether there is a hashtag or not!

Here are some materials you and your organization can download and use on your social channels to keep the conversation going:

Facebook Header Images
Facebook Post images
Instagram and Twitter Post Images
Flyers – PDF
Flyers – JPG