jacob henderson

Mental Health Month Spotlight: Jacob Henderson with AWARE

In honor of the hardworking, dedicated and flat out incredible mental health professionals that work throughout our communities, we will be sharing some quick spotlights throughout May, which happens to be Mental Health Month in the U.S. These spotlights are meant to shine a light on a few of the people who keep our communities glued together and who have dedicated their lives to helping others. We are lucky to have them!

Here, read a few words from the Director of Community Care and Treatment Service at AWARE, Inc. Jacob Henderson.

 “I was raised on a ranch in Texas and learned to love the ranching lifestyle. Having the opportunity to work with animals, and experience the beauty of our natural environment taught me a lot about human resiliency. 

Growing up in such a remote area, I understood early on the value of community. This understanding led me to serving my country by volunteering with the Peace Corps in Ecuador with a focus on building better communities. 

My decision to pursue a career in behavioral health comes from the idea of being involved in my community, as well as wanting to work in a field that has value and meaning. 

We all have struggles and trials in life and our communities are our bedrock of support. I am fortunate to work in a field that helps connect people dealing with mental health issues and disabilities with their own communities and strengthen those bonds.”

Jacob Henderson is the Director of Community Care and Treatment Service – AWARE, Inc.
Download a PDF of Jacob’s spotlight here.