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Mental Health Month Spotlight: Salina Lee with Winds of Change

In honor of the hardworking, dedicated and flat out incredible mental health professionals that work throughout our communities, we will be sharing some quick spotlights throughout May, which happens to be Mental Health Month in the U.S. These spotlights are meant to shine a light on a few of the people who keep our communities glued together and who have dedicated their lives to helping others. We are lucky to have them!

Here, read a few words from Case Manager Salina Lee, with Winds of Change.

“I am an Asian-Hmong American whose family came to the U.S. as refugees from the Vietnam War. Coming to a new country was a culture shock for my family. Not being able to read, write or speak any English, our families luckily had the support of sponsorships, churches and social workers.
I am currently a graduate student at Walla Walla University, earning my Master’s degree in Social Work. Because of social services, my family has made America “home” and are the reason I am here.

Everyday I am given new challenges, which makes this profession life-learning and rewarding. Being a part of the social work profession has made me aware of the complex needs not only in my population, but in our society. I want to continue upholding my profession’s core values of service, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, the importance of human relationships, integrity and competence to enhance the overall well-being of our community and vulnerable populations.”

Salina Lee is Case Manger with Winds of Change in Missoula, MT
Download a PDF of Salina’s spotlight here.