Youth Case Manager


Position Summary: The purpose of this position is to provide targeted case management services to youth and families with social, emotional and behavioral problems . The four core areas of targeted case management are assessment, development of service plans, referring activities, and monitoring of services.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Advocate, support, and guide youth and families in obtaining the needed servicesincluding,but not limited to advocacy, coordination of the various services, education regarding community resources, and referral of a client/family to available services within the community.
2. Maintain contact with other service providers to ensure the unique needs of the youth and family are best met.
3. Research the various services offered within the community to identify services that would best meet the unique and individual needs of youth and families served.
4. Work with the youth, the youth’s family, and other professionals involved to develop a treatment/service plan that addresses the specific needs of the youth.
5. Complete, update and maintain all necessary documentation within the guidelines set by COA, Montana ARM’s, Contracts, and YBGR Policy and Procedures.
6. Contribute to the strategic goals and outcomes of the agency as measured by the development and achievement of individual, departmental, and organizational goals and outcomes. Participate in Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) goals of the organization both individually and as a team member.
7. Other duties as assigned.