MSW Oncology Social Worker – Cancer Program


Outpatient Clinical Oncology Social Worker/Counselor is responsible for the clinical assessment, mental health treatment, clinical care, and psychosocial support of cancer patients and their families.  This individual is responsible for the ability to use individual, family, & group modalities appropriately, flexibly, and creatively, in a culturally competent manner.

1. Performs comprehensive psychological assessments that reflect the patient’s, mental, emotional, social financial, bereavement and environmental status.
2. Develops and maintains an individualized plan of care based on patient and family needs.
3. Collaborates with Nurse Navigators in the development and coordination of the overall treatment plan.
4. Provide psychosocial services to patients, families, and significant others facing the impact of a potential or actual diagnosis of cancer.
5. Establish and maintain relationships with NWHC and area resources to make referrals as appropriate.