Mental Health Professional (multiple positions)


Mental Health Professional SW Montana (Multiple positions)

Mission: The Mental Health Professional is responsible for providing overall therapeutic, psychological programming for offenders.

Status: Non-Exempt

Reports To: Treatment Supervisor

Supervises: N/A

Essential Functions:

1. Administers Treatment and Educational screening processes. Administration of screening process includes determining, minimally, the following:
 Assist in placement in treatment programs based on mental health programming needs and assessment tools.
 Suitability of family member for placement in educational programming based on the results of a mental health evaluation.

2. Provide clinical documentation, reports, and records to meet state, federal, regional and department standards and requirements. Includes but is not limited to:
• Clinical formulations that clearly direct treatment considerations and focus.
• Clear documentation for diagnostic assessments.
• Clear, organized, timely progress notes.
• Other functions: a.) Work effectively with a multidisciplinary team
b.) Attend staff meetings and screenings
c.) Complete other assignments and tasks as directed by clinical and/or program director.

3. Counsel with emphasis on mental health and addiction. Education groups will focus on family dynamics, parenting, relationships, suicide prevention, stress management, self esteem, geriatric and emotional health.

4. Provide an array of case management services which will include community resources i.e. treatment programs, housing, mental health counseling, and other community services as needed.

5. Delivers, monitors, and maintains evidenced based standards for mental health education and services.

6. Provides quality assurance for mental health programming based on contracts and program content.

7. Evaluates by referral, clients who may need further testing and referral.

8. Meets with Treatment Supervisor on a regular basis and provides reports as required.

9. Respond to mental health referral and collaborate with other staff members to perform clinical mental health assessments and develop mental health treatment plans.

10. Counsel family members to assist them in understanding and dealing with an acute crisis situation i.e. family illness or loss.

11. Plan, organize and lead structured life skills educational groups on i.e. employment, out-patient counseling, personal finances, educational goals, recreation and social activities for family members.

12. Facilitates groups and provides individual counseling for family members as required i.e. chemical dependency group, family issues, anger, grief.

13. Maintain confidentiality of records relating to family members’ treatment.

14. Provides staff training and in-service development as directed.

15. Provide support, counseling and education to family member to assist them in achieving their recovery goal.

Other Job Functions:

All other Duties as assigned by the Treatment Supervisor.

Maintain all applicable professional, legal and ethical standards, including confidentiality, dual relationships, and informed consent.

Working Conditions:

Working conditions are inside a climate-controlled environment with occasional background noise. Occasional travel may be required.

The Mental Health Professional works five (5), eight (8)-hour shifts per week. Shifts may include afternoons and evenings. Occasional weekend work may be required. The Mental Health Professional may have on-call duties as well.

Considerable documentation and paperwork requirements exist. The Mental Health Professional must be able to organize and manage time effectively and keep records orderly and up to date.

Material and Equipment Used:

Computer; telephone; printer; fax machine; general office supplies.

Physical Activities Required to Perform Essential Functions:

Sitting/Standing/Walking: Approximately 70% of time is spent seated while working at a desk or in meetings. Balance of time (approximately 30%) is spent standing or moving around working areas and outside locations.
Speaking/Hearing: Clear diction and acute hearing are necessary with the public, contacts, and co-workers.
Vision: Corrected vision close to 20/20 is necessary for effective use of computer screens.
Reaching/Handling: Good manual dexterity for computer keyboard use and the ability to retrieve and work with appropriate paperwork, equipment, and supplies.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

1. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
2. Strong organizational skills.
3. Ability to assess priorities and work well under pressure; excellent time-management, problem-solving and analytical skills.
4. Ability to work with contacts, the public, and co-workers professionally and tactfully.
5. Professional and businesslike in appearance and demeanor.