Executive Director


Job Overview:
The Director has the authority to carry out the policies and procedures set forth by the Board of Directors in the total program of ADSGC: administration, fiscal operations, personnel management, and client treatment. He/she monitors performance in all areas, reports regularly to the Board, and maintains/delegates liaison with the various communities of Gallatin County and other local agencies.

Responsibilities and Duties:
The Director conducts all program operations in accordance with the provisions and intent of the Policies and Procedures Manual. In summary, these include general and specific requirements with regard to:

Financial: Identify and apply for funding through local/state/federal contracts and grants. Execute contracts and grants in accordance with RFPs. Work collaboratively with the Board of Directors to create and evaluate annual operating budget. Monitor budget and provide general oversight of all fiscal activities including client billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and appropriate use of grant/contract funding. Review monthly financial statements and prepare for board review. Prepare for and oversee independent financial audits.

Administration: Create and maintain agency Organizational Chart, Program Goals and Objectives, program self-evaluation and program effectiveness measures, including provisions for adequate facilities, security, and confidentiality. Oversee all aspects of program service provision, quality improvement, and state licensing requirements. Prepare for and manage annual clinical and residential program quality assurance audits with state program officers. Comply with all statutory regulations for Substance Use Treatment Facilities in accordance with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Montana Code Annotated, and Administrative Rules of Montana; identify and research legislative changes and implement changes as necessary.

Personnel Management: Manage employee recruitment and selection, create job descriptions, and conditions of employment. Conduct annual performance evaluations for each employee. Determine compensation and benefits, handle personnel disputes, accept grievances and provide discipline if necessary. Conduct new employee orientation and training in accordance with current Policies and Procedures and maintain all personnel records.

Client Treatment: Adhere to philosophy and rationale of evidence-informed substance use treatment processes. Ensure all treatment and activities comply with relevant legislation and professional standards. Oversee provision of all services, including 24-hour-7-day availability of clinical services. Maintain compliance with all state and federal regulations for the provision of substance use treatment services including screening and evaluation, admissions, referral, treatment, discharge, and follow-up procedures. Maintain compliance with all record-keeping and reporting requirements. Assure that the standards necessary to meet program approval requirements of DPHHS Chemical Dependency Programs are the minimum standards for the conduct of all ADSGC programs.

Community Outreach: Represent ADSGC in the community and with professional organizations. Participate with various community task force groups/committees to assist in identifying and meeting the needs of community members. Build relationships and partnerships with complementary community organizations. Director shall maintain the utmost ethical fortitude as the organization’s leader.

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